Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DaddyScrubs Daddy Diaper Pack Review


My brother and his fiance had twins a little over a month ago and my brother (as most men, I would imagine) hated carrying around their diaper bag. It was green and brown with polka dots and just looked really girly. He said it was really embarrassing being seen with such a girly bag on his shoulder. Even though everyone knew it was a diaper bag, he was just not comfortable with it being so "pretty."

When I gave him DaddyScrubs' Daddy Diaper Pack, he was ecstatic! Now, he can carry all the twins' necessities and not be embarrassed any more. The Daddy Diaper Pack is really cool and designed just like a back pack that goes over both shoulders and hangs on your back, this is the ultimate backpack for Dads! This diaper pack is deceivingly large. It doesn't look as big as it really is. Once you open it up and look down inside it, you realize just how much room there is for all of baby's needs. He can fit everything he needs for the twins all in one pack!


"The custom design allows less fumbling through deep pockets and eliminates struggling to take off the pack while holding baby. The side pockets are great for water bottles, baby bottles, and sippy cups. There’s a big pouch for diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes (and of course a small one for the “dirty stuff”).

The front organizer pocket is designed for the essentials like keys, money, cell phone, pacifier, and small toys. The insulated cooler pocket is perfect for snacks. The skater straps are great for hooking everything from sand pails, to beach towels, to flip flops, hats, and even wet clothes."
- DaddyScrubs

In my opinion, the Daddy Diaper Pack would be the perfect and unique gift as expectant father gifts and new dad gifts. My brother has been using his Daddy Diaper Pack for a week now and he raves about it every time we talk. This thing must be pretty impressive because my brother is not a very easy person to please. He's very picky and only wants the best of everything. He gives two thumbs up for DaddyScrubs' Daddy Diaper Pack!

DaddyScrubs' main product line is their Daddy Scrubs which are medical scrubs with "I'm the Daddy" printed on them. The expectant Daddy to be would wear these scrubs in the hospital when you go to have your baby to help him stay comfy and relaxed in the delivery room. And, after the big day, they are even comfortable enough to wear as pajamas!

Check out DaddyScrubs for all your daddy to be gifts and new dad gifts as well!

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