Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review of Smartfoods Selects

I was given the opportunity to try out some products from Smartfood Selects through a Bzz Campaign for BzzAgent. I received the Smartfood Selects Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn, the Feta Herb Hummus Popped Chips and the Italian Herb Multi-grain Popped Chips. Below you will see my opinions on each of the types I have tried.

Smartfood Selects Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn:

I am not a huge popcorn fan and I am sorry to say that the Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn didn't win me over either. This popcorn was a little too spicy for me. It reminded me of the flavor of buffalo wings, which I am also not a fan of.

Hmmmm, not much to say about these. If you like popcorn and spicy flavors or if you like buffalo wings and hot wings, then you may just love these.

 Feta Herb Hummus Popped Chips:

These popped chips are loaded with flavor and are really, really good. I love the flavors! I love the texture! They're crunchy and lower in fat than your typical potato chips. They are light and airy, yet crispy and satisfying.

Each 1-oz. serving (about 16 - 22 chips) has 130 - 140 calories, 4.5 - 5g fat, 18 - 21g carbs, 1 - 3g fiber, 2 - 3g protein, and a PointsPlus value of 3 - 4.

Italian Herb Multi-grain Popped Chips: I love these chips! Just like the Feta Herb Hummus Popped Chips, these have great flavors. They are really good and also lower in fat than your typical potato chips. With only 130 calories per serving, I don't feel quite so guilty snacking on these. The serving size is 1 oz (28g/about 22 chips) so you can eat a descent amount of these chips and not bust your calorie intake for the day.

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