Monday, October 29, 2012

SendaBall Review

What started as a fun way to send silly things through the mail to family and friends became a really cool business for two sisters in Chicago. These sisters have been sending balls since the 90's, but in 2003, they realized their crazy idea could actually be a business and SendaBall was born!

 I think this is a really cool idea! It is a 10" vinyl playball that is about the size of a volleyball. The balls are sent fully inflated via First Class Mail by the regular United States Postal Service. They are addressed by hand, stamped and mailed. They are not sent inside boxes or any kind of packaging. They arrive at the door as just a ball with any message you have chosen to have put on it. You can choose from balls that already have messages on them, like the one I received: "Have a Ball on your Birthday!" Or you can have a personalized message written on them. There are several colors to choose from and you can send them for any occasion. What a great alternative to sending cards or candy! How cool is it to have a ball delivered to your door with a message on it from someone who loves you?!?! I think these would be greatly appreciated by anyone who receives them, but I think kids would really love them!

You can find SendaBall on Facebook and Twitter.

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