Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Van Ness Eco Bowls Review

A little bit about Van Ness:

From their website:

"Family owned and operated for over 65 years, Van Ness has been a leader in providing quality, pet-caring products that fit the needs of pets and provide a great value for you, the pet parent.

Every Van Ness product is designed to meet our own industry leading quality standard we call “Pureness.” Pureness stands for our superior benchmarks for pure quality, pure functionality, pure style and pure safety.

As an organization, Van Ness extends the concept of Pureness through our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, animal welfare and community involvement."

Van Ness = Econess:

From their website

"Van Ness Eco is a welcome extension to our family of quality, pet-caring products that fit the needs of pets and provides a green solution for you. It is the latest in Van Ness innovations toward more environmentally-friendly pet products. Made from 100% plant materials including bamboo grass and rice husks, Van Ness Eco require less energy to manufacture and are degradable back to the earth. Available in sizes for both dogs and cats, they are safe for your pet using natural, non-toxic materials."

"what is econess?

Long before "environmentally conscious" and "eco-friendly" became catch phrases, Van Ness has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of eco-aware products. In 1983, Van Ness debuted a liner made from 80% recycled content and we have not looked back.

econess represents our commitment to you and your pet to manufacture and design products that provide high value, are practical, durable and safe for your pet as well as for the environment.

econess is a promise to you, your pet and the earth. Every Van Ness econess product meets or exceeds quality standards and is made entirely, or in part, from either recycled, organic or environmentally friendly plant based materials.
what econess means for you

For you, our valued customer (and pet parent), econess represents piece-of-mind. econess embodies the commitment you have made to care of your pet and to choose safe, durable pet products for them.

The econess seal ensures not only that you have selected a non-toxic, heavy metal-free, chemical-free product that will provide you and your pet lasting service, but that the econess product was manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner utilizing recycled materials, organically grown cat nips and products made from plant based resins, as stated on individual product packaging.

Every Van Ness pet product carries our econess seal designating that it is safe & green; along with a percentage rating clearly indicating the quantity of recycled content used in the manufacture of that product.
what econess means for your pet

For your pet, econess means a product that they can safely eat or drink from, retrieve, chew, scratch, eat or lick, without ever coming in contact with contaminants, chemicals, heavy-metals or other hazardous unknowns.

In addition to pet safety, econess ensures that your pets’ products are a reflection of your own commitment to maintain a clean global environment for future generations."

The Review:

First of all, I really want to express how important I feel these kinds of products are for our planet. I wish more companies took these measures to be more environmentally conscience. I think this is a huge step in the right direction to protecting our precious planet.

Now on to the review.

I received four Van Ness Eco Pet bowls. One Large - that is perfect for large dogs. It has a 48oz. capacity. One Medium - that is perfect for medium sized dogs and has 24oz. capacity. One small - that is perfect for small dogs with 8oz. capacity. And, one extra small bowl - that is perfect for cats or very small dogs with 4oz. capacity.

These bowls are extremely tough and very durable. They aren't easy to tip over and I love the look of them! I also love knowing that they aren't terrible for our environment.

Van Ness offers many other great products for your pets and I highly recommend you check them out!

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